Belgrave Music Hall: Hipster Hotspot

Last Thursday, we went to the opening of a new place in Leeds. We were promised free drinks, free food, music and fun. It was pretty hard to turn down the offer. Belgrave Music Hall is in short, an amazing addition to Leeds. It's a place oozing with indie and covered in everyone's-your-friend vibes. 

For all the hipsters yet to attend; here's how it goes. First up, a little lounge area comfy for at least 10 people on each side. Up a few steps and you'll find freshly-made pizza people making amazing pies available to you by the slice for under £3. In to the next room, and you'll find cozy hang out couches, picnic tables, and on your right; an extra long full liquor bar. Towards the back of the room you'll find the delicious Fish and Chips: Fish & which faces the talented Dj of the night. 

Through the back doorway there's a staircase leading up to a concert area, catering to a huge crowd and equiped with yet another bar in the rear. Going back to the staircase and then up, you're led to the magical place that is the Belgrave Music Hall rooftop terrace. We'll will leave that for you to imagine, experience, and then fall in love. It's easily our favorite area at the big B.  

Northern-based music promoters Simon Stevens and Ash Kollakowski are running the whole thing. We expect nothing but great nights, every night at the Belgrave Music Hall.  

Belgrave Music Hall
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Friday the 13th Séance Party 

Friday the 13th falls twice this year. September 13th, was this years first 'unlucky' Friday. And instead of spending it at home sitting in the midst of a ring of salt. I went over to the Secret Séance Party held in an extremely eerie setting at the Holy Trinity Church in Leeds.

As we walked in the church we were greeted by a friendly face, and quickly escorted directly to the bar for our complimentary drink. We were then encouraged to mingle around and take a look around the gothic-inspired deco in the church. Neil Ryan strummed away to beautiful music while we waited for our tables. 

Dinner was presented as work of art and while leaving a rustic impression it made the chatter at our table quickly descend. Chef Paul Rowntree, put his Michelin skills to work, christening a sharing platter of vegetables, pork and delicious dips. 

The party began shortly after sending out the last sharing board. Strawberry meringue and Thai basil heaven was matched fantastically with the beautiful vocals and up-beat disco tracks of Sarah Storey herself. As drinks flowed and the Goth-styled fallen angles paraded the church, the guests of the night took over the church alter and danced the night away to house tunes by Malcolm Welove and Dean Creole from local collective Afro Coalition. 

Naughty or superstitious, what ever your belief - Holy Trinity Church was definitely the way to go for a Friday-the-13th Secret Séance. Looking forward to celebrating the next one this year! 

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Friday For the Ladies: Nick Monaco - Alicia Keys Unthinkable 

There are times when you just gotta give it up. We're doing it every Friday. Just for the ladies. This Friday, give it up for Nick Monaco's sexy version of Unthinkable by Alicia Keys.


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